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Venus-RGB 22000

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Product details
  • Brand name:Lightspace
  • Laser Color:White/Silver/Red /Green/Color Changing/Yellow/Other
  • Control Mode:DMX512/Automatic
  • Light Source:Semiconductor Laser
  • Cooling System:Other
  • Material:Aluminum
Supply Ability
  • Supply Ability:300 pieces
  • Warranty(Year):2 Year
Packaging & Delivery
  • Length:40.6 cm
  • Width:26.2 cm
  • Height:22.1 cm
  • Logistics Weight:24.000 kg/piece
  • Packaging:1 piece


  • Pure diodes, longer lifetime, higher reliability. Low divergence < 1.0mrad (full angle).

  • PT-A30 wide angle, New detecting technique, Large scan angle, Excellent overload capacity and linearity.

  • New dust free design, efficient cooling-Heatsink area covers 40% of the laser case area. Slide cover for easy/quick beam alignment.

  • Optional to build in Pangolin FB4, controlling via Ethernet, ArtNet, DMX, ILDA or SD card etc.


Total power:RGB-22,000mW
Diode-637nm:> 6,000mW
Diode-520nm:> 8,000mW
Diode-445nm:> 8,000mW
Beam divergence:< 1.0mrad (full angle)
Beam diameter:< 5.5mm
Modulation:> 100KHz Analog
Scanning:PT-A30, 35kpps, Max scan angle: 60°
Protection rating:IP 52
Size:L406 x W255x H197mm
AC power:100-240V 50/60Hz

Show Effect

舞台22W (3).jpg

舞台22W (1).jpg

舞台22W (2).jpg

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